Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GOD STOP: Conversation

Ethan: "What is it like in heaven?"

Me: "Well, It's an amazing place. There's going to be singing and laughter; we will live in mansions and the walls of the city with be decorated with precious stones; the streets will be made of pure gold..."

Ethan: "GOLD?"

 Me: "Yep, the most beautiful gold you have ever seen! The best thing about heaven is Jesus. He will be there with us forever and ever"

Ethan: "Who all gets to go?"

Me: "Those people who believe in Jesus and ask him into their heart to save them."

Ethan: "I did that when I was 5. Remember?"

Me: "Yes, I remember."

Ethan: "You prayed with me!"

Me: "Yes I did, and Jesus saved you that day."

Ethan: "I want all my family and friends to go there too."

Me: "You will have to talk to them about that."

Ethan: "So are we going to be rich in heaven, since the streets are made of gold and we will be living in mansions?"

Me: "Yes, we're going to be very, very rich!"

Ethan: "COOL! When can we go?"

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Recently, I was asked by a dear friend to lead worship for an early Easter service at a men's transitional center.  Going into this, I really did not know what to expect and I was a little nervous about possibly being the only woman there.  We prepared in the usual way and I prayed, a lot.

To make a long story short, there were four of us...singer, acoustic, bass and my husband (who I bribed to go with me).  We were asked to set up in the cafeteria where there were a few fellas cleaning up after dinner.  As we were setting up, the guys began to come in and get their seats.  There was about 2 feet between our band and the audience.  It was close quarters.

The peace of God came over me as we began playing the first song, "Trading My Sorrows."  The smiles of joy coming from the unfamiliar faces lifted my spirit.  Their songs rang out to the Lord as we worshiped collectively.  As we continued our set, their singing grew until the room echoed with praise. I thought about the story of Paul and Silas, singing in the prison, praising the name of the Lord.  What a blessing it was to be there, in that place, listening to these men cry out to Jesus! 

At the end of the service, I sang these words, "This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe, your Holy Presence, living in me..."  The guys hung on to every word.  After we prayed, a young man came up and started flipping through the charts.  I turned to him and he walked away to start helping put the chairs and tables back into place.  I grabbed my charts and walked over to him, held out the charts and asked, "Would you like to have these?"  A great big smile came over his face as he boldly answered, "Yes ma'am.  Thank you!"  I can't help but think that this night was one big GOD STOP.  I pray that those charts, with the message of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, make it into the hands of many lost souls.
About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns and the other prisoners were listening to them. Acts 16:25

So, what's your GOD STOP today?
Belinda Jane
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photo courtesy of CalvaryFTL

Friday, March 28, 2014

GOD STOP: Foul Ball

I am notorious for being a klutz.  If accidents were looking, they'd find me. I am not kidding!  Let me just list some of the crazy things that have happened to me in the past month...
  • I hit a curb and blew out a tire
  • I tripped on the sidewalk outside my classroom and fell
  • I cut my hand while slicing onions
  • I broke a favorite coffee mug
  • I burned cookies---three times!
  • I burned my forehead with the straightener
That's just what I can remember, but I am sure that there were more!  The most recent incident was at the ball park last week.  I went to my son's baseball game and was walking toward the field when my phone rang.  I pulled it out of my back pocket and looked to see who was calling.  Since it was my husband, I answered.  As I put the phone to my ear, I heard what seemed like the whole ball field yelling "Heads Up!"  Those words always startle me, so I looked up to see if I could locate the ball.  Just about that time, that little white ball hit the ground in front of my feet.  

Although it seems that I have many accidents and close calls, I completely believe that God is actively protecting me.  There are just too many times where I've walked away from accidents without a scratch.

So, the GOD STOP?  Jehovah Ro'i (the Lord, my Shepherd), Thank You for what could have happened, but didn't, because of your protection and great grace!

So, What's your GOD STOP for today?
Belinda Jane

Sunday, March 16, 2014

GOD STOP: Amazing

In the middle of leading worship this past Sunday, I suddenly felt the overwhelming Spirit of God.  
The morning had been a little challenging as we had to change some of the plans mid-stream.  We were able to make the transitions without much difficulty, but last minute change always makes folks nervous.  

Right before the start of the worship set in the second service, we watched a powerful video made by one of our newest church members, where she gave her testimony.  It was a powerful and moving story of God's forgiveness, grace and restoration.  As I listened to the story, I heard her use the word AMAZING.  It was like wave hit me.  The entire service had an overshadowing theme.  A theme that was totally unplanned and unrehearsed.  God's theme: He is amazing!  

We continued on to sing 
Your Love is Amazing, Mighty to Save, Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone, How Great is Your Love, and Draw Me Close.  I think it's so cool that God just takes control, despite our best efforts.  Over the years, singing concerts, leading worship and speaking, I've had this happen many times.  I am always excited when the Spirit takes over.

So, What's your GOD STOP for today?
Peace, Belinda Jane

Saturday, March 15, 2014

GOD STOP: 18 Million

Did that big number get your attention? 


God stopped me last night at Winter Jam in Columbia,  SC. with this number.   This number represents the growing number of orphaned children world wide.  This number represents great pain, despair,  hunger, loneliness and dire need.  This number represents 18 million little lives that need the love of Christ and the love and safety of a family home.  

Although I am an ambassador for Holt International, God stopped me. He showed me that I'm not doing enough to help 'the least of these."  Through Holt,  I help find sponsors for children who are looking for a forever family.  A sponsor helps supply the basic needs of the child,  until he or she is adopted.  

Here's my God Stop challenge:  HELP ME HELP THE CHILDREN. 
Follow this Link to find out how:

So, has God stopped you today?
Peace, Belinda Jane

Saturday, March 8, 2014

GOD STOP: Daddy's Hymnal

I believe that sometimes God just winks at us.  Today, I sang at the funeral of a dear friend.  Arriving at the church early, I prepared for the service, making sure everything was in right order.  The family had requested that I lead the congregation in two traditional hymns, and before the message, sing "In the Garden."  I knew all three songs very well, but just as a safeguard, I grabbed a hymnal and marked the pages.

The service began in the normal way and during the prayer, I opened the hymnal and noticed a small bookplate pressed into the inside left hand cover.

I fought back the tears as I began singing "There's a land that is fairer than day..." This is my daddy's hymnal.  This place is where my daddy lead worship.  This pulpit was where his eulogy was read.  This song talks about where he is, and where I long to be.  I realized what had come full circle.  His faith and trust in God, his heart and his songs are alive in me.  Instead of sadness, peace and joy overwhelmed me like a rushing, mighty wind.

Yes, God winked at me...and I winked back.

What's your GOD STOP today?
Peace, Belinda Jane

Thursday, March 6, 2014

GOD STOP: Deer God

I95 and I16 are notorious for the wild creatures that lurk on the sides of the highway.  Driving these interstates at night are especially dangerous.

Several months back, I was traveling back from Atlanta late at night.  We went to see the Calvary Football team play the State Championship Game in the Georgia Dome (That's another story altogether).  It was a little after 11:00 PM when the 18 wheeler I was following started to weave on the road.  Not sure about what was going on, I slowed, closely watching his every move.

All of a sudden, I struck something in the road.  It was a loud sound, like running over a hub cap or something.  My oldest son yelled from the back seat, "Mom, you just hit a deer!"  I didn't see anything, but I heard it and felt it.  I remember saying a quick prayer that probably sounded a lot like this:  "Dear God, please don't let there be much damage, and please, keep the deer off the road."

I drove to the next exit and pulled into the McDonalds.  As I inspected the car, I found no sign of damages.  Everything was perfect!  After taking a small break, we got back on the road.  I was still thinking that there must be some damage somewhere.  I kept one eye on the road and one eye off the road until we arrived home.  I probably counted another 8 deer feeding on either side of the highway that night and I could just imagine the angelic forcefield keeping them from the asphalt.

So what's your GOD STOP for today?
Peace, Belinda Jane

photo courtesy of greenwichtime.com