Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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I feel so good that I just have to share this GodSTOP. I have been going through an exceptionally rough season in life for quite some time, but the "brighter days ahead" have begun to show themselves and I feel like I can breathe again. Like, I can REALLY live again!
A few really great people have been there for me and guided me with Godly wisdom. I'm most thankful to God for directing me and healing me, and for placing those people in my life just when I needed them. People that were willing to allow Him to work through them for my benefit. He's good like that! 
Let me just add...it will never cease to amaze me what we put ourselves through in this life simply because we choose OUR will over HIS will for us. There is so much in life we endure that God never intended for us to suffer through, but because we don't TRUST HIM! Instead, we choose our own path, and have to learn things the hard way. 

I'm still learning to listen to and follow His instruction.  I'm ready to pay it forward!


Have you had your GodSTOP today?  
Belinda Jane

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A couple of weeks back, my sweet mama was rushed to the emergency room with what I thought, at the time, was a stroke.  As I was responding to her while waiting for the ambulance, I panicked.  I felt that she was a close to heaven and I was not ready for her to go.  Screaming at her and God, I begged them both for more time.  

She was transported to the hospital and taken into the ER right away.  Within a few minutes they had her stabilized and comfortable.  As those minutes turned to hours, we passed the time talking, praying and fielding phone calls.  

It seemed like every few minutes, mom was asking questions.  "Where are we?"  "What happened?"  "How did I get here?"  I regurgitated the same broken record response that sounded brand new to her each time.  Finally, I fell asleep sitting in a hard, plastic chair with my head resting on the side of the gurney. At some point, mom put her hand on top of my head.

We were awakened by the brusque ER doctor as he ordered, "We are admitting and moving you into a regular room within the hour."  I checked the clock on my phone.  
We had been here for seven hours.  

I nodded in agreement and sank my head back into the gurney mattress.  Mom continued to pat head.  "It's going to be alright."  I looked up at her and her feeble eyes grew sharp as she admonished me, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not unto your own understanding.  In ALL your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct-your-path.  Worrying is a sin. Just TRUST."   My mama, at 86 years old, still teaching me from a hospital bed.

FAST FORWARD:  It was not a stroke, but a seizure, brought on by medication.  
She is doing fine now and back home.  She quotes that verse to me almost every day.
We are still struggling with Alz and dementia, but life is good and God is blessing!

Have you had your GodSTOP today?

Be blessed,
Belinda Jane

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

GodSTOP: Mother Falcon

Early this morning, my youngest son asked me to print a project that he had been working on feverishly for days.  He had taken the time to pull it up on the desktop so that I would not have to wait.  As the printer began it's work, I grabbed the first sheet and started reading the following....   

"The person in my life that inspires me most is my mother. Obviously, this is because I am her child. She influences me a lot every day because of her faith in God and how she loves and cares for everyone. She will always go out of her way to help someone if she can. Another reason I admire her is because she is a humble person. One example of this characteristic is when she has work to do, she will help us kids before she takes care of her responsibilities. Another reason, is because I can always go to her for advice, and she is someone I can talk to. She is good for this, because she has experienced some bad things. For example, she knows what it is like to lose someone close to you. Overall, I admire her because she is a very kind person. She can be too controlling at times, but that it why she is my mom. I like her because she loves God and all of my family and when someone does wrong, it is okay, she always forgives."     

picture courtesy of Wildlife of the World
My kids call me the "Mother Falcon." I think this is a pretty cool nickname. This came about from some show about falcons on Animal Planet. It is interesting that the mother falcon will go to great extremes to protect her young from predators. She will hunt vigorously early in the morning and at dusk to provide food for her chicks. She is fast and furious when it comes to protecting her nest and territory. My kids think they are pretty funny when they call me this, but I'm so thankful that they notice my serious commitment to my God and my family. They understand what I think is important in life, and I hope that they will demonstrate these same values when they have kids. One day, if I live long enough, I pray that my grandchildren will come up with equally impressive nicknames for their parents...and I'm going to laugh out loud.

Have you had your GodSTOP today?  

Belinda Jane

Thursday, May 15, 2014

GodSTOP: HIS Breath

I think I finally figured it out! The past couple of weeks have really been stressful for me. Now I know why. I've been trying to do things in my own strength. It's easy to say, "Let God handle it."  It's much, much harder to do it. 

This morning I woke up a little early and was tempted to go back to sleep. Instead God led me to Psalms 42. As I was reading David's complaint to God, I noticed his continual offering of praise in the midst of his difficulties.

Why is it so hard to let go of things and let God work? I think it's partly because we stop praising him. It is HIS breath in our lungs. HIS Spirit powers our very being. HE is the reason we wake up and keep going regardless of our circumstances. HIS breath ignites our life and our praise.

So today, although I have mountains of work and trouble stirring around me,  I'm going to praise God continually and thank Him for this day, this work, and HIS breath to conquer it all.

                                 So, what's your GodSTOP for today?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GodSTOP: Conversation

Ethan: "What is it like in heaven?"

Me: "Well, It's an amazing place. There's going to be singing and laughter; we will live in mansions and the walls of the city with be decorated with precious stones; the streets will be made of pure gold..."

Ethan: "GOLD?"

Me: "Yep, the most beautiful gold you have ever seen! The best thing about heaven is Jesus. He will be there with us forever and ever"

Ethan: "Who all gets to go?"

Me: "Those people who believe in Jesus and ask him into their heart to save them."

Ethan: "I did that when I was 5. Remember?"

Me: "Yes, I remember."

Ethan: "You prayed with me!"

Me: "Yes I did, and Jesus saved you that day."

Ethan: "I want all my family and friends to go there too."

Me: "You will have to talk to them about that."

Ethan: "So are we going to be rich in heaven, since the streets are made of gold and we will be living in mansions?"

Me: "Yes, we're going to be very, very rich!"

Ethan: "COOL! When can we go?"

                                 So, what's your GodSTOP for today?
Belinda Jane

Saturday, April 12, 2014

GodSTOP: Bars

photo courtesy of Calvary Chapel Austin
Recently, I was asked by a dear friend to lead worship for an early Easter service at a men's transitional center.  Going into this, I really did not know what to expect and I was a little nervous about possibly being the only woman there.  We prepared in the usual way and I prayed, a lot.

To make a long story short, there were four of us...singer, acoustic, bass and my husband (who I bribed to go with me).  We were asked to set up in the cafeteria where there were a few fellas cleaning up after dinner.  As we were setting up, the guys began to come in and get their seats.  There was about 2 feet between our band and the audience.  It was close quarters.

The peace of God came over me as we began playing the first song, "Trading My Sorrows."  The smiles of joy coming from the unfamiliar faces lifted my spirit.  Their songs rang out to the Lord as we worshiped collectively.  As we continued our set, their singing grew until the room echoed with praise. I thought about the story of Paul and Silas, singing in the prison, praising the name of the Lord.  What a blessing it was to be there, in that place, listening to these men cry out to Jesus! 

At the end of the service, I sang these words, "This is the air I breathe, this is the air I breathe, your Holy Presence, living in me..."  The guys hung on to every word.  After we prayed, a young man came up and started flipping through the charts.  I turned to him and he walked away to start helping put the chairs and tables back into place.  I grabbed my charts and walked over to him, held out the charts and asked, "Would you like to have these?"  A great big smile came over his face as he boldly answered, "Yes ma'am.  Thank you!"  I can't help but think that this night was one big GodSTOP.  I pray that those charts, with the message of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, make it into the hands of many lost souls.
About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns and the other prisoners were listening to them. Acts 16:25

So, what's your GodSTOP today?
Belinda Jane
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Friday, March 28, 2014

GodSTOP: Foul Ball

I am notorious for being a klutz.  If accidents were looking, they'd find me. I am not kidding!  Let me just list some of the crazy things that have happened to me in the past month...
  • I hit a curb and blew out a tire
  • I tripped on the sidewalk outside my classroom and fell
  • I cut my hand while slicing onions
  • I broke a favorite coffee mug
  • I burned cookies---three times!
  • I burned my forehead with the straightener
That's just what I can remember, but I am sure that there were more!  The most recent incident was at the ball park last week.  I went to my son's baseball game and was walking toward the field when my phone rang.  I pulled it out of my back pocket and looked to see who was calling.  Since it was my husband, I answered.  As I put the phone to my ear, I heard what seemed like the whole ball field yelling "Heads Up!"  Those words always startle me, so I looked up to see if I could locate the ball.  Just about that time, that little white ball hit the ground in front of my feet.  

photo courtesy of grantamused.blogspot
Although it seems that I have many accidents and close calls, I completely believe that God is actively protecting me.  There are just too many times where I've walked away from accidents without a scratch.

So, the GodSTOP?  Jehovah Ro'i (the Lord, my Shepherd), Thank You for what could have happened, but didn't, because of your protection and great grace!

So, What's your GodSTOP for today?
Belinda Jane